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Why Tall Presidential Candidates Tend to Win

Why Tall Presidential Candidates Tend to Win During one of the Republican presidential discussions before the 2016 political race, the web search organization Google followed what terms Internet clients were looking for while viewing on TV. The outcomes were amazing. The top inquiry wasnt ISIS. It wasnt Barack Obamas a day ago. It wasnt charge plans. It was: How tall is Jeb Bush? The inquiry investigation uncovered an inquisitive interest among the democratic open: Americans, it turns out, are captivated with how tall the presidential applicants are. Furthermore, they will in general decision in favor of the tallest up-and-comers, as indicated by memorable political decision results and examination into voter conduct. All in all, do the tallest presidential competitors consistently win? Taller Presidential Candidates Get More Votesâ Its actual: Taller presidential up-and-comers have fared better through history. They havent consistently won. Be that as it may, they were successful in a larger part of races andâ the famous vote around 66% of the time, concurring to Gregg R. Murray, a Texas Tech University political specialist. Murrays examination inferred that the taller ofâ the two significant gathering applicants fromâ 1789 to 2012 won 58 percent of presidentialâ elections and got most of the well known voteâ in 67 percent of those decisions. The outstanding special cases to the standard incorporate Democrat Barack Obama, who at 6 feet, 1 inch tall won the 2012 presidential political race against Republican Mitt Romney, who was an inch taller. In 2000, George W. Shrubbery won the political race however lost the well known vote to a taller Al Gore.â Why Voters Favor Tall Presidential Candidates Taller pioneers are viewed as more grounded pioneers, analysts state. What's more, tallness has been especially significant in wartime. Consider Woodrow Wilson at 5 feet, 11 inches, and Franklin D. Roosevelt at 6 feet, 2 inches. â€Å"In specific, during times of danger, we have an inclination for genuinely considerable leaders,† Murray disclosed to ​​The Wall Street Journal in 2015. In the exploration paper Tall claims? Sense and Nonsense About the Importance of Height of US Presidents, distributed in Leadership Quarterly, the creators concluded:â The upside of taller applicants is possibly clarified by discernments related with stature: taller presidents are appraised by specialists as more noteworthy, and having more administration and relational abilities. We presume that tallness is a significant trademark in picking and assessing political leaders.Height is related with a portion of indistinguishable observations and results from is quality. For instance, people with taller height are seen as better pioneers and accomplish higher status inside a wide assortment of present day political and authoritative settings. Stature of the 2016 Presidential Candidates Heres how tall the 2016 presidential applicants were, as indicated by different distributed reports. Indication: No, Bush wasnt the tallest. Also, a note: the tallest president in history was Abraham Lincoln, who stood 6 feet, 4 inches - only a hair taller than Lyndon B. Johnson. Republican George Pataki: 6 feet, 5 inches (quit the race)Republican Jeb Bush: 6 feet, 3 inches (quit the race)Republican Donald Trump:â 6 feet, 3 inchesRepublican Rick Santorum:â 6 feet, 3 inches (quit the race)Democrat Martin OMalley: 6 feet, 1 inch (quit the race)Republican Ben Carson: 5 feet, 11 inchesRepublican Chris Christie:â 5 feet, 11 inches (quit the race)Republican Mike Huckabee:â 5 feet, 11 inches (quit the race)Republican Bobby Jindal:â 5 feet, 10 inches (quit the race)Republican Marco Rubio:â 5 feet, 10 inchesRepublican Ted Cruz:â 5 feet, 10 inchesRepublican John Kasich:â 5 feet, 9 inchesRepublican Rand Paul:â 5 feet, 9 inchesDemocrat Bernie Sanders:â 5 feet, 8 inchesDemocrat Hillary Clinton:â 5 feet, 7 inchesRepublican Carly Fiorina:â 5 feet, 6 inches (quit the race)

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Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5 Free Essays

Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet are from two conspicuous and quarreling families who live in the city of Verona, a genuine city in northern Italy. To the extent the crowd know, they are their parents’ just posterity, the main other ‘children’ in the family are Benvolio and Tybalt, cousins to Romeo and Juliet individually. As just youngsters, their folks are normally defensive of them †Juliet’s father, particularly. We will compose a custom exposition test on Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5 or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now Towards the start of the play, in Act 1, Scene 2, Paris approaches Capulet for authorization to wed his little girl. In Elizabethan occasions (when the play was composed and performed), it was the activity of the dad to part with the little girl, as though she were a present or his property, as opposed to her own individual. As opposed to simply part with his little girl to Paris, a youthful aristocrat, brother to the ruler, and somebody who might be viewed as a ‘good catch’ for a spouse, he lets him know: ‘But going o’er what I have said previously, My kid is yet an outsider on the planet, She hath not seen the difference in fourteen years, Let two additional summers shrivel in their pride, Ere we may think her ready to be a bride’ From this discourse Capulet is defensive of his girl, and while he needs her to wed a fine man (she advises Paris to return two years), he doesn’t need her to grow up too rapidly. No doubt he has her eventual benefits on a basic level. In the accompanying scene, we first observe the connections among Juliet and her medical caretaker and mother. Her mom appears to be to some degree withdrawn from her little girl, requesting that the medical attendant find her†¦ (‘Nurse, where’s my girl? Call her forward to me’) and doesn’t appear to have the option to converse with her girl, other than through the medical attendant or in her quality ‘This is the matter:â€Nurse, give leave some time, We should talk in secret:â€nurse, return once more; I have remember’d me, thou’s hear our guidance. Thou know’st my daughter’s of a pretty age.. ’ However, she appears to have some thought for her daughter’s emotions and wishes, as she solicits her what she thinks from wedding the aristocrat, and to begin pondering marriage; she likewise gives her discourse somewhat more close to home by placing in her very own portion understanding (that she was a mother at the age her little girl currently is): ‘Well, consider marriage now; more youthful than you, Here in Verona, women of regard, Are made as of now moms: by my ount, I was your mom much upon these years’ Whereas Juliet appears to regard her mom (first alluding to her as ‘Madam’ as opposed to, maybe, mum or Mother), she is by all accounts more calm conversing with her medical attendant . No doubt Juliet and her medical caretaker have consistently been close†¦ even to the point of the attendant assuming control over the customary mother’s employment of breastfeeding h er youngster. She makes a reference to this in a similar scene: ‘And she was wean’d,â€I never will overlook it,â€Of all the times of the year, upon that day: For I had then laid wormwood to my dug,’†¦Ã¢â‚¬ËœWhen it tasted the wormwood on the areola Of my burrowed and felt it unpleasant, pretty imbecile, To see it bad-tempered and drop out with the burrowed! ’ Above, the medical caretaker talks of breastfeeding Juliet. This is, obviously, surprising these days, however not exactly incomprehensible in Elizabethan occasions. The affectionate style where the attendant recalls this, in any case, appear to show that Juliet and the medical caretaker have a solid relationship. The way that she was bosom taken care of by her medical attendant as opposed to her natural mother implies that maybe the medical caretaker was (and is? ) even more a mother to her than Lady Capulet. The attendant likewise appears to be more amicable than Lady Capulet †by making statements, for example, ‘Amen, youngster! Woman, such a man as all the world †why, he’s a man of wax’ and‘ Go, young lady, look for upbeat evenings to glad days’, she is by all accounts more amped up for Paris’s suggestion than Lady Capulet. Act 3, scene 5 here and there appears to be a twisted impression of Act 1, scenes 2 and 3. Capulet has organized to wed Juliet off to Paris, and by and by it is Lady Capulet that has the activity of advising her. Be that as it may, the Capulets’ positions on Juliet in regards to marriage have changed. Rather than needing to shield his little girl from an early marriage, Capulet is presently the one attempting to surge her into it. In like manner, her mom, as opposed to approaching Juliet for her musings on the issue, is mentioning to her what is Going to occur. Juliet has recently gone through her wedding night with her dearest and now spouse, Romeo. He has been exiled to the city of Mantua for avenging the homicide of his companion Mercutio. The scene begins on very tense grounds, as Juliet has nearly been gotten with her darling, who is a sworn foe of her family and faces execution whenever found in Verona. Essentially Romeo being in the house is sufficient to make some strain †that Juliet is crying uplifts this pressure. Juliet’s mother demonstrates herself to be somewhat unfeeling by successfully revealing to her little girl that crying isn’t going to bring anybody back, and that it demonstrates her to be somewhat dumb: ‘Therefore, have done: some distress shows a lot of love;But quite a bit of anguish shows still some need of mind. Woman Capulet then gives her numbness of Juliet’s marriage and affections for Romeo by advising Juliet not to sob for Tybalt’s demise, however that Romeo lives. Romeo is alluded to as the ‘villain’ a few times †this adds accentuation to the way that the Capulets consider Romeo to be a terrible individual. Juliet murmurs, aside to the crowd, that she accepts that Romeo and ‘villain’ are ‘many miles asunder’. This affirms to the crowd that Juliet and her mom have contradicting sees. Woman Capulet keeps, considering Romeo a ‘traitor murderer’ and takes steps to send somebody to Mantua to kill Romeo. The crowd would prefer not to see Romeo be killed, since they can perceive how enamored he and Juliet are. Shakespeare then cunningly creates a discourse for Juliet that has double significance. ‘Indeed, I never will be happy With Romeo, till I view himâ€dead†Is my poor heart for a brother vex’d. Madam, on the off chance that you could discover yet a manTo bear a toxic substance, I would temper it;That Romeo should, upon receipt thereof,Soon snooze calm. O, how my heart severely dislikes To hear him named, and can't come to him. To unleash the adoration I bore my cousin Upon his body that slaughter’d him! ’ The accentuation toward the start can be adjusted to sound diversely to the crowd than Lady Capulet would hear it. It could be perused ‘Indeed, I never will be happy with Romeo, till I observe him, dead †[dead] is my poor heart for a brother vex’d’,where the brother is the butchered Tybalt†¦ or ‘Indeed, I never will be happy with Romeo, till I see him. Dead is my poor heart†¦a brother vex’d’†¦ where Romeo isn’t dead, only a brother (spouse) vexed (in trouble). She says that in the event that she could discover a toxic substance that would let Romeo ‘sleep in quiet’, she would temper it. While Lady Capulet would consider this to be her little girl needing to harm Romeo and slaughter him, the crowd may accept it as her needing to take Romeo’s inconveniences (I. e. their partition) away with the goal that he can rest calmly around evening time. Increasingly attentive individuals from the crowd may likewise interface this to the completion of the play, where Juliet incidentally harms herself with an end goal to take care of her and Romeo’s issues. When Juliet says that her ‘heart loathes to hear him named, and can't come to him. To unleash the adoration [she] bore [her] cousin upon his body that slaughter’d him’, her mom accepts this as not having the option to lay her hands upon him†¦ yet the crowd clearly understands that she implies that it harms her to hear his name and not have the option to be with him†¦ maybe even to get sexual delight out of him. The crowds likely could be stunned by these desires that are well past her years †recall that she is just 13. The strain now would work, as Juliet is playing a risky game by playing with her words this way. The sign that Juliet needs to ‘wreak her affection upon him’ may likewise have been very shocking†¦ crowds of the time would not have been so presented to such obtrusive references to sins of the tissue. At the point when Lady Capulet announces that Juliet’s father has orchestrated a marriage for her in a couple of days, the crowd may feel a snappy dropping sensation in their stomachs †for they realize that Juliet is as of now wedded †and in this way can't wed Paris †and that this implies the mystery marriage among Juliet and her Romeo might be found. She additionally by and by gives her obliviousness of Juliet’s genuine sentiments by being under the feeling that the marriage will perk Juliet up †not exacerbate her issues. She utilizes reiteration of the word ‘joy’ here to underscore what she presumes Juliet ought to feel. Juliet strikes back by saying: ‘Now, by Saint Peter’s Church and Peter as well, He will not make me there a blissful lady of the hour. I wonder at this scurry; I should marry Ere he, that ought to be spouse, comes to charm. I implore you, tell my ruler and father, madam, I won't wed at this point; and, when I do, I swear, It will be Romeo, whom you realize I loathe, Rather than Paris. These are news in reality! ’ Juliet depends on Saint Peters Church and Peter too’ †Elizabethan crowd wouldfind this ungodly and stunning. She likewise tosses her mother’s term ‘a joyfulbride’ bac

bombs essays

Land Mines/bombs papers Land mines enormously add to the risk of global security since they are utilized as military weapons. Since land mines have caused extraordinary devastation there has been an exertion from worldwide and non-administrative associations to boycott mines and clear zones contaminated with them. Land mines have become a compassionate issue since they have and still are ending the lives of honest regular folks. The Treaty of Ottawa authoritatively prohibited the utilization of land mines. However supporters of the bargain know not to accept they are successful. The accompanying paper will address the vital commitments for a last triumph and uncover why land mines are a danger to global security. The UN has assessed there have been in excess of 100 million land mines in sixty-two nations (Boutros-Ghali). They are the weapon of decision for some militaries since they are modest, available, and simple to utilize. Land mines are otherwise called shrouded executioners since it is beyond the rea lm of imagination to expect to find where they are or what number of there are. After wars are finished, the land mines stay, undermining the harmony and reconstructing of social orders. An ever increasing number of casualties are regular people who persevere through unnecessary damage or passing. At regular intervals an individual is hurt from a land mine. Furthermore, since 1975 there have been more than one million setbacks. ... <!

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Email Messages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Email Messages - Essay Example In accordance with this, an association will require email behavior to guarantee polished skill, effectiveness and assurance from risk, for example, exorbitant claims because of awful language (Swinton). There are a couple of rules of how to compose a decent business email. Most importantly utilize a language that is authentic with the goal that the two gatherings comprehend the message conveyed. The message you are attempting to pass on is succinct and directly to the point. This assists with staying away from time wastage for the peruser. While composing guarantee legitimate spelling, language structure and accentuation, abstain from writing in capitals and experience the message to distinguish botches before sending it. It is a great idea to consistently incorporate the subject of your correspondence with the goal that the beneficiary effectively recognizes what's in store in the message. Continuously utilize a gracious tone, be close to home yet formal (Swinton). While answering to business messages ensure that you are expeditious, answer all inquiries posed by the client. Abstain from sending connections except if solicited by the beneficiary from the email. Try not to forget about the email string when composing as it shows the past message which you are answering to. Try not to utilize extravagant text styles in your composing except if conveying illustrations (Appleman 20-40). These are the essential issues that one ought to consider in all business messages so as to encourage great comprehension and trust between organizations or a customer and an association. Swinton, Lyndsay. 10 Tips for composing business messages that say the proper thing regarding you. 2010. The board For The Rest of Us. 27 September 2011

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We Live In A Liquid World. Critically Discuss This Statement Essay

We Live In A Liquid World. Critically Discuss This Statement Essay We Live In A Liquid World. Critically Discuss This Statement â€" Essay Example > Role of Globalization in Determining how People Live with OthersGlobalization is the increase in connectivity and interdependence of markets, businesses and people all over the world. It is the process describing the spread and linking of trade, communication, production and technological innovations all over the globe. Globalization is an advancement which steadily restructures interactive phases among countries by removing barriers in the fields of culture, communication, economic trade, mobilization of resources among other areas. It is a process involving the intensification of politics, economies and social relations across national boundaries. It is the process that transforms isolated economies scattered all over the world to a unified global economy. Many scholars have defined globalization differently, but many agree that it is a process aimed at bringing goods, services, communication and trade ties closer to the people all over the world. Through this, the world has bee n turned into a global village where goods and services are transferred easily to areas where their demand exists (Nazombe, 2006). The process of globalization has transformed the lives of people all over the world in many ways and definitely changing their styles of living. The process has brought both positive and negative effects to majority of people all over the world causing fortune to some and disadvantage to others. The constant search for money and wealth by people as they desire to improve their standards of living and meet their basic needs has thrived nations’ economies. As a result, this has lead to increase in income inequalities, violation of basic human rights and increase in environmental pollution. The process of globalization whether positive or negative, is inevitable and continues to transform the lives of people in many different aspects. In this regard it is good for the world to accept such changes and create new mechanisms that can help the world in adap ting to these changes. The process has greatly been influenced by technological advancements especially in the last two decades making it easier for people to move, communicate and participate in international trade. The process of globalization has created an opportunity for the world to disseminate ideas, practices and share in technological advancements. It has brought modernization of the world as many nations seek to be universally linked to the rest of the world. The process has caused internationalization and the liberalization of markets all over the world. Globalization has many benefits as well as costs (Goldberg and Pavcnik, 2003). Many countries have succeeded through well managed globalization measures while others have remained vulnerable due to poor planning or lack of planning for the process. Globalization has influenced the behaviors of people by a great extent over time. The connectivity of the world through road, railway, sea and air has enabled many people from different nations to meet and interact freely. Many people have changed or transformed their way of living through the adoption of foreign cultures and living styles. Globalization has greatly helped the tourism industry to thrive though not evenly across the globe. Through tourism, people have learnt about other peoples’ cultures and possibly copying them. The tourism industry in Europe has been growing in the last decade and many people from all over the world have visited tourist attraction sites in this continent while others have changed their nationality to countries of choice and consequently relocating to foreign countries.

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A Role Model Of Maya Angelou - Free Essay Example

Maya Angelou was a fantastic person. I have really enjoyed learning more about her and I think that you may learn something new as well. Maya had divorced parents almost her entire life and lived with her paternal grandma for many years. She had one sibling an older brother named Bailey. Throughout her life Maya overcame many struggles and barriers. Maya Angelou is a woman of astounding intelligence and strength. Maya Angelou was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. She was born with the name Marguerite Annie Johnson. At the age of three Mayas parents got divorced and her older brother Bailey and her were sent to Stamps, Arkansas. Where they lived with   their paternal grandmother. Bailey still couldnt pronounce marguerite and gave her the nickname Maya. As the two of them grew they held a tight bond and helped their grandma and crippled Uncle run the store. They went to school and played games with the other black kids in Stamps. One Christmas Bailey and Maya each received a present from their mom and a present from their dad. Maya was starstruck that she had gotten gifts from her parents. Before that Maya had nothing else to believe other than her parents were dead. Later that year their dad showed up at the doorstep. He arrived in a fancy car and used very nice English skills. His name was Bailey Johnson and he stayed for a couple of weeks. He was a very funny man and there was laughter each night. One day Big Bailey said he was leaving and the children were to go with him. The next day they climbed into the car and drove to St. Louis where their mom was living. Their moms name was Vivian Baxter Johnson and she was stunningly beautiful. In St. Louis Bailey and Maya enrolled in the Toussaint LOuverture Grammar School. After a bit they were moved up a grade because of their work at the store in Stamps. Their arithmetic was outstanding and their reading skills were fantastic too. Every night Mayas mom would make dinner and then go out and party. While she was gone her boyfriend Mr. Freeman would come home and sit down to wait for her. Before bed Bailey and Maya would read book after book. Sometimes on weekends Maya would get scared and couldnt fall asleep as she was pulled into the dark, scary stories she was reading. On thoughs nights her mom would let her sleep in the bed with her and Mr. Freeman. One morning Maya woke in her parents bed, her mom was leaving for an early errand and Maya fell back asleep. That morning Maya experienced being held in inappropriate manners by Mr. Freeman. He knew Maya adored Bailey and he threatened to kill Bailey if she told anyone. A month later Maya jumped onto Mr. Freemans lap slightly longing for his strong arms to hug her again. Then she was over it and found a routine to go to the library every Saturday. One Saturday as Bailey was leaving to go play basketball and Maya was headed to the library Mr. Freeman stopped Maya and asked her to go get milk. She went to the store and hurried back. As she was about to leave again but Mr. Freeman stopped her and told her to come over. He raped her that day and she felt striking pain not knowing what was going on. All she could do after that was go hide the evidence and lay in bed. Everyone thought that she was sick and the doctor was called in multiple times to check on her. A few days later her mom insisted she take a bath and that the sheets need to be washed. But as Bailey took of the sheet the one bit of evidence was uncovered. The next thing she knew she was in the hospital with Bailey hovering over her asking who did it. Maya was brave but she couldnt bring herself to risk her brothers death so all she could explain was that the man would kill Bailey if she ever told. Bailey reassured her by saying no one could kill him and her little seve n year old believed him. She told him and after she healed and was told multiple times by many nurses that she didnt have anything to worry about now and the worst is over for you. Next Maya had to face courte, where most of the adult population of St. Louis was there to hear more on the latest excitement. At the time she didnt really know what happened and only could assume that Mr. Freeman had done something really bad. Mr. Freeman got jail time of a year and one day, although that didnt last for long. His lawyer got him out later that day and he was found kicked to death in a parking lot. Everyone new that Mayas uncles killed him, they were some of the most violent people in St. Louis. When Maya heard of this occurrence she stopped speaking and went mute. She thought that her talking had killed the man and that people may just die in her footsteps if she talked to them. She only had one exception, Bailey she new that she loved Bailey way to much for her speech to kill him. They were sent back to the small town of Stamps and helped their grandma in the store once again. A few years later Maya remained mute but a nice women Mrs. Flowers who lived in Little Roc k, Arkansas with a little bungalow in Stamps brought her back to her love of books and introduced her to poetry. Maya graduated eighth grade almost at the top of the class with a perfect attendance. Maya was mute for six years before she gathered the courage to speak again. At the age of twelve Maya found out that she and Bailey would be going to California to live with their mom. She and her grandma went first and Bailey came a month later because of payment. They lived in an apartment in Las Angeles until their mom had a living situation ready in Oakland. In Oakland Maya attended High school and took dance and drama classes. During her final year of high school Maya became pregnant and had a son right after graduation. Then she moved out of the house as a single mom and worked hard to support her son. This is when she started her adult life. Maya Angelou had an adulthood full of fighting for Civil Rights and adventure. She married a Greek sailor named Anastasios Angelopulos in 1952. Their marriage did not last long, but after they divorced Maya moved forward with her life as a single mother of one again. Soon she moved to New York and fell in love with a civil rights activist Vusumzi Make and they moved to Cairo, Egypt. They spent some time there and then moved to Ghana. After meeting Malcolm X Maya and her husband moved back to the United States. She spent the next long tears of her life Writing, reading, speaking and enjoying time with friends and family. Maya Angelou died on May 28, 2014 at her home in Winston- Salem, North Carolina. At the age of eighty-six after a series of health issues. Maya Angelou had many careers throughout her life. At the age of sixteen Maya wanted to get a job. First she applied for the Womens Army corp. but her application was denied. Next she requested an application for a streetcar conductor in San Francisco, after requesting every single day for three weeks, the company let in. Maya applied as a nineteen year old because she was younger than the legal working age. She was accepted and became the first African American Women to become a streetcar conductor in San Francisco. Once she was married to the Greek sailor she started singing at night clubs. She gave herself the stage name Maya Angelou combining her childhood nickname and part of her husbands name. When her husband and her divorced she kept the name and her singing career flourished. She went on a tour in Europe from 1954 to 1955 for the Opera Porgy and Bess. maya continued to study dance and released an album in 1957 called Calypso Lady. By the end of the 1950s she wanted to improve her writing and joined the Harlem writers guild and joined many young writers who were passionate about civil rights. Maya also wrote and acted in a number of movies such as The Blackers and Cabaret To Freedom. When she and her new husband moved to Cairo she was an editor for the english weekly of The Arab Observer. Next they moved to Ghana where she was an instructor and assistant administrator for the University of Ghanas school of music and dance. Maya was also the editor for The African Review and wrote for The Ghanaian Times and The Ghanaian Broadcasting Company. During her years abroad Maya also spent her time becoming fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and the West African language Fanti. Once again Maya found herself drawn to civil rights back in the U.S. when she met Malcolm X in Ghana and decided to go back with plans of helping him start a new organization. Unfortunately right as she got back and settled Malcolm was ass assinated and his plans of the organization died with him. She found herself back in America with nowhere to go, so she starred in many TV productions. She also still worked on civil rights and worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He wanted Maya to be the northern coordinator for The Southern Christian Leadership Conference. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated she was devastated. It just happened that he was assassinated on her birthday in 1968. Maya was lost at what to do after the assassination and James Baldwin a great writer and friend helped her find her writing. He encouraged her to write and book and then I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings was born. Almost overnight Maya had become famous in 1970 when the book was published. This book is now known to us as an American Classic and a fabulous autobiography. Over the next couple of years she wrote and published many more books and wrote a screenplay called Georgia, Georgia in 1972. It was the first screenplay to ever be filmed by an African American woman and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. While writing Maya became a Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University. Many presidents also recognized her through their presidency. President Ford gave her a spot in the American Revolution Bicentennial Commision, President Carter had her serve for the Presidential Commision for the International year of the Women and president Clinton asked her to have the honor of writing and reading the poem for his inauguration speech in 1993 called On the Pulse of the Morning. In 2000 Maya was honored with the Presidential Medal of Arts and received the Fords Theatre Lincoln Medal in 2008. Some of her documentary films were also nominated for various awards. Finally in 2011 President Barack Obama awarded her the highest civilian honor in the nation, The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Maya Angelou is a role model to me and millions of others. She symbolizes being strong during change and never giving up. Maya accomplished so much in the eighty-six years she was alive. She wrote seven autobiographies and over a dozen works of poetry. Maya Angelou will definitely be remembered for a long time. She is a person who showed immense strength and courage through the good and the bad times.

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How the Earl Warren Court Liberalized America Essay

The Warren Court refers to the Supreme Court of the United States between 1953 and 1969, when Earl Warren served as Chief Justice. Warren led a liberal majority that used judicial power in dramatic fashion, to the consternation of conservative opponents. The Warren Court expanded civil rights, civil liberties, judicial power, and the federal power in dramatic ways. One way the Warren Court liberalized America, is through the court cases of Gideon v. Wainwright (1963), Escobedo v. Illinois (1964), and Miranda v. Arizona (1966), where these court cases helped define Due Process and the rights of defendants. Another way the Warren Court liberalized America, is through the cases of Tinker v. Des Moines ISD (1969), Engle v. Vitale (1962), and†¦show more content†¦The issue of Tinker v. Des Moines ISD was that students were to wear black arm bands to school in protest of the Vietnam War; however the school warned that anyone wearing the armbands would be would be suspended, but th e Tinker children wore their armbands to school (they were the only ones of the group to do so) and were suspended leading to Mr. and Mrs. Tinker filing a law suit claiming that the school violated the childrens right to freedom of speech and expression. The court ruled against the school district saying that students do not shed their constitutional rights at the school house gates. In doing so the court protected what has come to be known as symbolic speech. In the case of Engle v. Vitale, the Supreme Court ruled that prayers in schools were considered unconstitutional, leading to a ban of all prayers led by teachers in school, even if the prayer was considered voluntary, stating, in a way, that there was some sort of â€Å"separation of church and state† which is not true. Lastly, New York Times v. Sullivan focused more on the freedom of the press, ruling that â€Å"actual malice† must be proven to support a finding of libel against a public figure. Finally, the War ren Court liberalized America in a dramatic way, since that it focused more on the right to privacy, the incorporation of theShow MoreRelatedStrategic Human Resource Management View.Pdf Uploaded Successfully133347 Words   |  534 Pagesphotocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, must be arranged with the individual copyright holders noted. This special edition published in cooperation with Pearson Custom Publishing. Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Please visit our web site at www.pearsoncustom.com ISBN 0–536–72690–6 BA 996748 PEARSON CUSTOM PUBLISHING 75 Arlington Street, Suite 300 Boston, MA 02116 A Pearson Education Company iii iv Table of Contents SECTION